New Years Resolutions…In March

I’ve recently indulged in the well-known show, Sex and the City, and I have to say that I encourage all women, especially single women, in their twenties, thirties, forties…any age really, to indulge as well.

One thing that seems to always be on my mind and many of my friends minds are relationships. Whether it be a relationship with a man or a relationship with a woman, myself and all of my friends seem to always be thinking about someone, with someone, or thinking about being with a someone. It is exhausting. We have the friends who are always in relationships, who are always having sex with someone new, or who are always texting someone new. While there is no right or wrong way to live, I’ve noticed that I have to do something different. I am at a point in my life where I have no desire to be in a relationship or to have any sort of steady commitment with someone past friendship or casual sex. I feel this energy inside of me. Maybe it is from the new weather or maybe it was getting with one of my LONG term childhood crushes; but I am feeling good. It is definitely the life lessons that Sex and the City has brought into my life and seeing the beautiful, independent women living their lives (even if it is just a show). For most of my life, I have been single and my last and only relationship was very short lived. Long story short….I am good on my own and I kick ass on my own.

Yes, one day, I want to share my life with someone. But right now, I want my life to be all my own. But the thing that I want to change about the way I live my single life is the outlook. I seem to always be concerned about a guy or something like that. But it is my life and my world and I refuse to allow a man to control my emotions that are anything but gratifying. I kind of made a new years resolution list a few days ago, because I got a new journal and I feel as if a new journal is just as good as a new year and that it can signify a fresh start. Part of this list was to no longer involve myself with others that are not worthy of me…especially when it comes to men I have sex with. I need to have standards and being an attractive male does not equal worthiness. Even if the relationship is no more than just sex, there still needs to be bounds of respect and the arrangement should not be stressful. I am eliminating all stress regarding the male species from my life because it is always unnecessary stress and I do not need that negative energy. I am a beautiful and empowering woman and I’ve shed too many tears and headaches over rather meaningless boys. Honestly what I was trying to get out of this post was, screw society. Be a single woman. Be a single woman having sex with single men. Be a single woman not having sex. Be a woman in a relationship. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re being safe. Sex is made a big deal to have it but also a big deal to not have it. And let me tell you…it is NEITHER! Do whatever the hell you want and live your best life. Reach your fullest potential. Love yourself. Be yourself. Try new things. Find yourself a little bit. Just be sure to live your best life for you.

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